Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How Did I Not Know About This?

So considering video games and rock n roll music are two of my all-time favorite things, with ironic mocking sarcarsm coming in at a close third, how did I not know that Journey had its own terrible arcade game in the early '80s? Apparently, it was conceived to be released at the same time that their American tour was happening in 1983. You control the five members of the band as they fly through the galaxy in a spaceship, traveling to different planets to recover their lost instruments. Then you play a concert while an actual tape deck in the machine plays "Separate Ways". Working machines are very hard to find.

Here's an action-packed clip, because I don't think I would've believed this without proof.

You'll notice that once Steve Perry recovers his microphone, it turns into a high powered auto-cannon.


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If you can believe it, SodaBoy actually knew of this game, or the Atari version, anyway.

I tagged you for a meme. Come play!