Monday, May 4, 2009

Time to Play Catch-Up

I've got a lot of things to talk about here, so let's get to the bullets:

1. Dick Clark. I watched a rerun of $100,000 Pyramid on GSN the other night, during which Dick Clark took a good 90 seconds to try to figure out how the contestant and celebrity partner whose turn just finished could've gotten the word "Mango." He involved the judges and everything on what would be and would not be allowed to be said as clues. Sure, Dick Clark most assuredly enjoyed hosting the show, but you can tell just by watching it that he really, really wanted to be a celebrity contestant. He thus went through life cursed with seeing the thing he wanted most every day but couldn't get it. Quite sad, really.

2. Peanut butter crackers. You know those peanut butter on cheese crackers sandwiches? The bright orange kind? Who thought of those? How did he do it? Was he sitting around one day, eating a peanut butter sandwich and suddenly think, "You know what would taste good on this? A piece of cheese," at which point snack conventions as we knew them changed forever? Cheese and peanut butter. How? It boggles my feeble little mind.

3. Monopoly. I lost to Kelli. Badly. It was a rout. She was making trades with me out of pity. My mojo is gone. Notice how I bury this halfway down the post. Moving on.

4. Money. I have none. Lots of student loans came due, and so now I have to look at a career change or going to school again. It sorta sucks because I enjoy what I do and I am very good at it. Lucky I also have...

5. Cheap sources of entertainment! Such as 8 year old video game consoles, 6 year old games, board games found at Goodwill for $2, and blogging. Of course blogging. Lately we've even had a few friends to enjoy these things with us, so all in all, I'd say things will be ok.


KathyR said...

Hang. On.

Kelli was in the tournament?


Also, what piece did you use?

Andy said...

No no. I lost the tournament because they made everyone play by speed die rules, which make it much more luck than skill. Kelli beat me the other night.

I was the wheelbarrow.

Ellis said...

Glad to see things settling back to normal. Have you called the student loan company to see if they can adjust your repayment schedule? Explain to them that your job is too important to give up over student loans.

Were you going to use the wheelbarrow before I brought it up the first night of the tourney? Now I feel responsible.

liz said...

What Ellis said about your student loans. Also check with your employer, they may have a program to help with stuff like that, since they're not gonna want to lose staff over loan repayments.