Monday, May 11, 2009

When Real Life Makes Me Surly...

...I bitch about unrelated things. With extra ellipses, apparently.

And today, despite the fact that I voted for him twice, I think I'm giving up on President Obama. I have stopped believing in the change. Perhaps I was blinded by the fact that Hillary was trying to court racist republican voters instead of me.

The deficit is still growing so we can throw extra money to investment bankers and encourage people to buy houses, despite the fact that shifty investing and an artificially inflated demand for houses was a major cause for this mess.

We're still kicking gays our of the military for being gay. Go progress.

We're still torturing people.

We're still paying for health care.

But on the plus side, I did get an extra $40 every paycheck. Whoop dee damn do.

Mr. President, Mr. Bush has retired. With the worst approval ratings ever. You do not, and probably should not, follow his example. Just a thought. But thanks for giving me a short break from my real life problems. I appreciate it.

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