Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Month of the Living Dead

My body has been craving sleep lately.  I have been making a point to get my normal sleep allotment, generally about 6-7 hours, only to discover that I am basically dead and useless until about 11.  On the weekends, I've been getting somewhere between 12 and 13 hours of sleep and still am tired at the start of the next week.

And then, the dreams.  Somehow I had a dream about Andy Dufresne hang gliding in Mexico the other night.  Another night, I dreamed there was an old, classic black and white movie that quoted, line for line, Warden Norton's lines when he discovers Andy Dufresne is not in his cell, complete with a character named "Fuzzy Breeches".  Now, while I work in the field of mental health, I am not a psychologist, but I imagine this is probably due to the fact that we often fall asleep with The Shawshank Redemption playing in the background.  But!  Wouldn't it be more fun if the cause of the dreams were deep-seeded urges, insecurities, or repressed memories?  This calls for an amateur psychoanalysis team.  Anything that will help me get my normal amount of sleep and also feel rested in the morning.

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