Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Try it with our new fattening celery

So we have this monthly department-wide meeting over lunch today at work, and the tradition is that the monthly birthday people supply the lunch for the group.  This works out well for me, since the December dinner is a big Christmas party meal thing, but I digress.  The February crew today did Italian, and in what I assume is an effort to be sensitive to folks of all diets and tastes, one of them made (presumably delicious) low carb spaghetti.

Let's run that back again.  Low. Carb. Spaghetti.

I know of two good reasons to eat spaghetti other than it being tasty.  The main one is carb loading.  Spaghetti, while delicious, is beneficial because it gives distance runners such as myself wonderful slow burning carbs that give extra energy for races and strenuous workouts.  It's the best thing ever.
The other one is that spaghetti is dirt cheap.  I imagine low carb spaghetti, whatever it is, is probably much pricier than run o' the mill awesome carb filled spaghetti.

So this abomination known as "low carb spaghetti" is like spaghetti with all the inherent benefits of spaghetti removed.

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kathy a. said...

Go see your people. xoxox