Saturday, December 30, 2006


A couple of quotes from coworkers. I wasn't there for the first one, but I did hear the second.

Alicia: He has a fucker face.
Jerry: What'd you say?
Alicia: His face is like plastic, no expression. You know, like the card game.
Jerry: A poker face?
Alicia: In the Phillippines, it sounds like 'fucker'.
Erica: Alicia, you should never play poker with anyone.
Jerry: Wait, so how do you say 'fucker'?
Alicia: 'Fucker.'
Jerry: Oh.

And the second:

Claudia: I want to see the new movie with that black guy.
Christy: The one with Will Smith?
Claudia: No, not that black guy.
Christy: Oh, I heard 'movie with that black guy' and thought of Will Smith.
Claudia: This black guy isn't black. He's white.
Christy: What?
Andy: Oh wait, you mean Jack Black?
Claudia: Yeah, that's him.
Erica: I've heard that's a pretty good one, actually.

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