Thursday, January 18, 2007

Signs Your Life Is Not Interesting

I had a dream yesterday morning. I dreamed I had twenty-four dollars in my wallet. One ten, two fives, and four ones. Then I got to work and was assigned "C" duties, which involve handling baths and laundry, taking vital signs, and writing out the program book.

Then I woke up, and discovered I only had one dollar in my wallet, and got to work where I was assigned miscellaneous duties instead of C duties. Maybe someday my dreams will come true.

However, my life is about to take a jolt of excitement. You see, my horoscope tells me the stars are showing that I will make progress toward a goal that I haven't taken the first step toward yet. Since the only progressless goal I have is rockstardom, I'm going to look for a keyboard or piano to purchase tomorrow. Unless I forget and sleep in.

Yep. Life moves pretty quickly around here.

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Sara said...

I love the specificity of your dream money! It's funny how you remembered the details about how many bills of each denomination. No wonder you expected it to be true. Although more often than not, I wake up happy a dream wasn't true. I guess I gotta figure out how to have better dreams.