Monday, April 23, 2007

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Here's an update into the always exciting life of me:

1. Spring cleaning: Is going to take all spring at this rate. However, there is good news to report. The areas that have been cleaned, have stayed clean. This has never happened before. I just might, might, be on the verge of a breakthrough.

2. work: A conversation with one of my clients:

Client: Andy, y-y-you shaved your goatee!
Andy: Yeah, thanks for noticing.
Client: W-w-w-why'd you d-d-do that?
Andy: Because you told me to.
Client: I did?
Andy: Remember what you told me last week?
Client: To shave so you'd be handsomer like me.
Andy: Right.
Client: (Pause) I'm still handsomer than you.
Andy: Go away, [client].

3. Mark Trail: I'm going to have to start a Mark Trail themed blog. I read it every day and involuntarily laugh at all the inadvertant hilarity. It's a gold mine of awesome, and I feel obligated to point it out to the masses. Only I'm too busy this week, because...

4. Vacation! I'm going up to Minneapolis this week to visit my third college roommate, Nando! It will be awesome. And I won't be able to blog, I imagine. In stark contrast to every other week, when this blog is so productive and all.

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Nick Steffen said...

Have fun on vacation, dude. Say 'hi' to Nando for me.