Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Misused Speech Balloons

Somedays, it's very tempting to turn this space into a Mark Trail-themed blog, as I read it everyday and find it extremely hilarious. Currently, Mark continues to stalk Sally, girlfriend of Dan who faked his death on Mark's property in an insurance scam, presumably so he can punch him in the face, since he has yet to notify any authorities about the situation. Anyways, it culuminates in this scene today:

Note in the second panel, Mark's speech balloon is so obtrusive that it actually covers up part of NotDan's head, as it he's trying to put his words physically between the couple during their embrace. Mark Trail must assume that Sally does not realize that the man she is hugging is not Dan, so he feels the need to SHOUT at her and blow his stalking cover. Either that, or he's firmly rebuking her for wasting his time by leading him to the wrong guy. In the midst of all of this, I didn't notice until the third time I checked it that I don't have a clue who is delivering the other line of dialogue in the panel.

Also, pulling your car right up to the door is not exactly the most covert thing you can do while stalking someone. Not that I have any experience with such a thing. Just doesn't strike me as a good idea. Right. Moving on.

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