Monday, April 30, 2007

Post 100!

Happy Centennial Post to Me.

Post 100 will be a teaser post, sadly. I'm wanting to write more about my awesome, awesome Minnesotan excursion, but I feel a little overwhelmed right now. Instead, I'll put it off another day, and instead, to further pique my occasional reader's interest, I'll say that the wrap up will include but not be limited to:

*Hair Product reviews!
*Public Access Television!
*Sexy Words about Sexy Women!
*A Cameo by Walker, Texas Ranger!
*The Minnesota Nice in all its snooty glory!
*A prostitution/baby-sitting service in Wisconsin!
*Hilarious accents!
*A Romantic Drama In Which My Blog Ruins My Best Friend's Life!
*And Much More! Or maybe just a little bit more!

But as it is, I've had a hard time getting the blog back off the ground. You see, I had a serious sleep debt to make up when I got home at 7 am on Saturday morning that was compounded when my mom called, and then came knocking on my door, early on to tell me that she needed me to help her move a one zillion pound organ. As in the musical instrument, not some gigantic whale heart or anything like that. Then I had to go to work. Then I had to go to Clara's with my coworkers to catch up on the previous week's episodes of Work: The Soap Opera. Then today at work, the shit was flying. And by "the shit was flying" I mean "one of our clients was throwing her fecal matter at us," and thus I don't feel like doing anything other than nothing right now.

In an unrelated note, I found another position at the hospital I'm going to apply for. This happened approximately 2 hours before the shit started flying.

Oh, and after missing a week of soap opera comic strips, I find out that the current plot in Rex Morgan, MD is about Rex delaying some dude from getting to an important meeting. This amazes me. Soap opera strips move slow enough as it is, as the first panel usually has to sum up what happened yesterday, delaying the action by 1/3 speed by default. To actually make a plot where Rex has to delay the bad guy, who has his own people trying to delay Rex's friend, well, my mind is boggled. It's so hard to find anything at all happening in any soap opera strip. At this rate, it could be a few years before this meeting actually happens, which would be really awesome in its own terrible way.

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