Saturday, April 7, 2007

It Didn't Feel Like the First Time the Second Time

Today, I heard Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time" not once, but twice. Both times, pretty much the only thing I thought was this.

Wait, I also thought that if I were to write a parody of the song using the dumbest lyrics imaginable, I would not be able to top "It feels like the first time/like it never felt before."


Annie's Mama said...

Andy dear, that's what the glorious 70s were all about! Why do you think so many people still get down to Al Green and Barry White?! Good music, perhaps, but the cheesy lyrics will live on forever!

I forgot to comment on the Bay City Rollers -- the video brought back memories of late nights in college, when the terrific 70s music infomercials were on (remember with Barry Williams?!). The sad thing is I really enjoyed watching those!

Oh! And I did LOL when you made the Cartman in-the-ghetto comment. Quality. And yes, Billy Joel annoys me to no end.

Happy Easter!

Andy said...


Neither of us were alive at the time, but I am 100% positive that the 70s were NOT all about Foreigner.

Also, I've seen maybe 10 South Park episodes in my life. I seriously hear a choir of female backup singers everytime I hear or type the words "in the ghetto". (in the ghet-TO!). And his mama cries...