Sunday, May 6, 2007

On Guacamole

Yesterday, I ventured down to Connersville to hang out with Jeff for a couple hours, get some Mexican food and inadvertently celebrate Cinco de mayo. It was a good time. Here are some snippets of wisdom shared over some chimichangas:

Jeff: I don't like guacamole, so I didn't eat it.
Andy: You don't like guacamole? That's really weird.
Jeff: Well, I can eat it, but I'm not all "I LOVE guacamole!"
Andy: Yeah, I'm the same way with The Matrix. It was all right, but everyone else seems to think it's the best movie ever made, so I like it less.
Jeff: Exactly.
Andy: And the Rolling Stones are the same.
Jeff: I HATE the Rolling Stones.
Andy: I always think I do, but I think I might just like the Stones much much less than everyone else, because I always sing along with their songs on the radio. Although they never play the Stones songs I really like, like "Under My Thumb" and, uh, well, "Under My Thumb".
Jeff: They're just not as good as everyone says. That's what bothers me.
Andy: Yeah, if they were treated more like Tommy James and the Shondells, I'd have no problems with them. ...well, except for "Start Me Up."
Jeff: and "Satisfaction" too.

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