Wednesday, March 7, 2007

If it's Wednesday...

...then a patient will try to hit me in the head before the night is over.

This is getting really old, really quickly. Luckily, due to my cat-like reflexes, superior coordination, and all around manly physique, he didn't land any, and we assisted him to his room without injury to anyone.

Ok, actually, what happened was Jean, the night shift attendant who always shows up about 15 minutes early for her shift, came into the hall and dragged him back to his room, while I held my arms up and yelled, "I NEED SOME HELP!" while absorbing punches. Absolutely no cat-like reflexes or manly physiques were involved, so I suppose I'll have to rest my laurels on my superior coordination, due to the fact that I didn't manage to trip over myself while retreating down the hall and screaming in fear while absorbing punches before I could get saved by a middle-aged woman. Who doesn't listen to Neil Diamond or drink Diet Coke.


BerryBird said...

I'm sitting here laughing, thinking, this is hilarious. Uh, except it's not really funny, it's sort of scary. I'm glad Jean showed up early.

Casey said...

Berrybird, I hope you're also keeping in mind that Andy is around 6'3". I think this makes the mental image even funnier.

Glad you're okay, Andy.