Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Potato; A Woman; Her Head Lice; A Bear

Does anyone else find this comic strip as funny as I do? (click for full size)

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Nick Steffen said...

I've gotta admit, man. Those blue streaks look nothing like head lice. I think she purposefully drenched her hair in radiator fluid (the blue kind) that morning to give it a nice lived-in sheen, as well as making her smell sweet (double-whammy).

Andy said...

It never occurred to me that those blue streaks might actually be sentient organisms. I figured it was just a couple of miniscule mites filling in the conversation.

Now that this has been revealed to be a possibility, I am all the more perturbed.

As for the radiator fluid, I'm pretty sure Mark Trail is a Dapper Dan man, so his wife is probably using that.