Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ooh! Shiny Objects!

This post is just filler to move those dumb depressing posts of self-loathing further down the page and out of sight.


Susie said...

Oh, how I hear ya.

Sometimes I miss working. I miss having a true "excuse" to piss and moan. Now that I stay home, I feel guilty about complaining. After all, I get to watch TPIR every day. ;)

My 84 year old grandpa is having bypass surgery in Indy today and I can't go. And, to make matters worse, some chigger got fat on the Susie Buffet. Having a woods in your backyard has it's downside.

My shiny object is the swing Rick put up for me. He hung it from a tall maple tree outside and I can get like 12 feet of air on two swings! And, Annie is blowing raspberries. Yes, I'm a simple gal.

Andy said...

I got three chiggers hiking this past weekend, one on the back of my knee. It is difficult to coat the back of one's knee in nail polish.

Casey said...

I feel obligated to tell you that the nail polish thing is a myth. Chiggers don't burrow into your skin; they just bite and scurry off. Try benedryl cream.