Friday, June 15, 2007

He's All Right Now (In fact he's a gas)

My thoughts tonight are largely unbloggable, so instead of sharing them, I give you

Funny Things JJ Does

First Funny Thing:

My computer speaker's power button emits a blue light. This blue light is JJ's arch-nemesis. He sees it, his ears perk up, and it's on like Donkey Kong. I've kept track, and JJ is now 5-0 against the blue light. His trademark right hook usually sends the entire speaker system sprawling to the floor.

Second Funny Thing:

JJ appears to have two ideal sleeping places: My computer keyboard, and my face. I can sort of understand the computer keyboard. I imagine it's like a beaded seat cushion for cats. He only sleeps on it when I'm not around, and I can tell because he leaves cat hair all over it. As for my face, it could be his way of saying, "Hey dude, there's only one bed in this apartment, and you've been hogging it for the last 6 hours. You could really stand to be a bit more considerate of a roommate and let me have some downtime." He also likes to pace back and forth across my face while I'm trying to go to sleep.

Third Funny Thing:

JJ has perfect posture at all times. Even lying down, he likes to hold his head perfectly erect for a few minutes, surveying all he sees like Yertle the Turtle, before doing some regal rolling around.

Fourth Funny Thing:

JJ likes to pace beside me as I pace endlessly up and down my long hallway. His favorite thing to do is to stay a step behind me and then suddenly turn on the gas, dart in front of me, and then cut me off. This usually results in him being accidentally kicked.

Fifth Funny Thing:

Every day when I come home from work, JJ is at the door to greet me with a customary meow, then with an unpresuming plop to the ground. He then rolls from one side to the other, stands up, plops, and rolls again. If I fail to immediately begin petting him, he'll start cuddling laps around my legs. If I decide to go ahead and pet him, he'll allow it for about five seconds before batting my wrist with his front claws. Odd little creature.

Sixth Funny Thing:

JJ has a bad case of Restless Tail Syndrome. I don't think I've seen his tail stop moving once since I got him last week. Only the tip swishes back and forth, and it's perennially curved like a question mark.

I hope you've enjoyed this installment of Funny Things JJ Does.


BerryBird said...

Yes, indeed.

KathyR said...

#5 reminds me of many of my dates, back in the dark ages.

Nadine said...

Those are funny things.

Lindzy said...

Ada used to sleep on my head. Then my mom came to visit and she slept on my mom's head instead.

Andy said...

BerryBird and Nadine, there could be future installments. Cats are blogging gold.

KathyR, what is this 'date' concept you speak of? I don't think I've had one since the dark ages. Hence why I got a cat.

Lindzy, I sleep on my side, so half of my face is buried in my pillow anyway. Yet JJ still behaves as if curling up on my nose and eyes is the most awesome thing ever.