Wednesday, June 6, 2007

He's a gas gas gas.

I got a cat. His name is JJ. He's black and white, but the goofiest looking black and white cat I've ever seen. His chin, nose, and one eye is black, with the rest of his face being white. The back of his head is black, and he has a couple black spots on his back, but mostly he's white. The most awesome thing is that his two hind legs are both completely black, so he resembles a cat wearing black trousers.

Anyway, he's a friendly enough guy, comes over and lets me pet him, but then walks away to do his thing. He is nocturnal, and stays up most of the night pacing up and down my hallway. This is cool, because I usually end up spending most of my nights pacing up and down my hallway. Now he walks beside me, and I talk to him, which is less frowned upon than talking to myself.

Also, as soon as I got in the car after I got him, Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones came on the radio, and as such I've decided that his name can be JJ for short, but it's really Jumping Jack Flash.

He has not yet accepted that this is his new home, and spends a lot of time looking at the door crying.


Also, I have a question of sports and gender ethics. Yesterday, I played some pickup basketball. One of the players was a 19 year old female who stands about 5'5" and possesses a decent 3 point shot that you at least have to respect. The problem is that she can't play defense whatsoever, and instead of trying, she deliberately tries to hurt the person with the ball by throwing elbows, grabbing and pulling back as they run past her, or just pushing them over when they go to shoot without any effort toward making a play on the ball. Usually this sort of bush-league play is performed only by completely untalented people who can't compete in any other way or 14 year old boys with crazy hormones who haven't figured out that it's not acceptable. These types are easy to deal with: you just charge at them for a couple plays, put them on the ground, and eventually they lighten up a bit. However, no one was really comfortable with doing that, since she was much smaller than us and considerably more female.

Her partner began making up for her by calling all of his own fouls, but she still didn't take a hint and started calling us a variety of names designed to degrade our masculinity, and said the rule should be "no blood, no foul" which is not something that someone who is actively trying to hurt people is allowed to call. Her teammate basically told her that he was the one calling the fouls, since he was the one committing them. Then I started guarding her, which was not a favorable matchup for her since I have about 11" of height on her and can effectively lock her down. She complained.

So I'm not sure what the socially acceptable solution to this conundrum is. We just left shortly after that, as avoiding people I don't like is my default solution to all of my social problems.


BerryBird said...

Hey, great news about JJ. Cats can be great companions and are highly entertaining. I hope you'll post a photo or two.

I would have walked away from the game, too. That game she was playing is not basketball.

Susie said...

JJ! I'm so happy for you! The only thing better than a kitty is a kiddy! ;)

I named my cat (God rest his soul) after Elwood Blues. It was better than fluffy or purry I must say.

Casey said...

Congrats on the cat. I will be calling him Jack or The Flash or Trousers when you're not around.

As far as the jerkface goes, she sounds like she's trying to be all, "Look at me! I'm really tough! Just like one of the guys!" It's unfortunate that she didn't grow out of that around age 11. I suggest telling her she's no fun, and then refusing to play her.

Andy said...

BerryBird, I really need to get a camera so I can post photographic evidence of all my exciting adventures on here.

Susie: I do not foresee any adorable offspring in my future anytime soon.

Casey: I think I said the same thing about the jerkface. Regrettably, one of our friends appears to be pursuing her for reasons no one understands, so we have to tolerate her.

KathyR said...

You need to get another girl in the game to knock jerkface on her ass.

I know. What a peaceful, diplomatic solution.

Andy said...

Welcome to the party, Kathy. I think if we had played another game, the lack of another girl wouldn't have stopped us from using your idea.