Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is he really all right now?

Today's Slylock Fox:

Shortly after I read this in the wee hours of the morning, JJ jumped up into my lap, plopped down, and starting purring like all get out. Normally, I'd chalk this up to typically friendly cat behavior, but after reading the answer to Question 2, I suddenly became a very paranoid cat owner. What's the matter, JJ? Are you happy? Or are you distressed or in pain?

So, thanks, Slylock Fox, for making sure I'll always be wondering if my cat is purring to let me know that he's dying a slow, painful death.

Also, I love how oblivious the woman in this comic is about the fact that 10 cats are stalking her. The real lesson for kids here is, "When preparing a tuna fish sandwich on toast, don't be so fixated on your dinner that you forget to close the front door, lest you be clawed to death by every stray in the neighborhood. Also, don't keep your toaster in your living room."

See, there's plenty of entertainment to be had without spending a dime. I'll make it until payday, no problem.

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