Thursday, June 7, 2007

JJ is curled up on my lap and purring softly to himself as I type this entry. I've been petting him for the past 15 minutes. Tiny, itchy little bumps are forming on forearms.

No no no no no.

I've always, always suspected I had a cat allergy, but recently, my immune and respiratory systems have been functioning normally while I'm around felines, so I figured I was probably wrong. That's why I agreed to take JJ. Because I love cats, and they haven't been bugging me.

Until now that I seem to be breaking out in hives from touching him. Why? Why?

No, I'm not getting rid of him. My arms will have to learn to deal. Invest in Benadryl.


Casey said...

Don't panic yet. When we first got Vera, I had horrible reactions to her. It eventually got better. Until then, vacuum a lot and try giving him a bath.

Nadine said...

Hopefully, your body will get used to having him around?

Andy said...

Yeah, I think I'll get used to him. He did his "I don't approve of you going to bed at the hours of 5:00 am when I still have a few hours' worth of gas in the tank, so I'm going stand by your bed and caterwaul for a few minutes before I actually jump up on the bed and pace back and forth over your face" routine last night/this morning, and it didn't really bug me, so I'll get used to it.

Well, it didn't bug me any more than usual.