Friday, February 16, 2007

The Devil Does Not Play Here

...because I have had no idle hands recently. I've been keeping busy with spending time with a friend who has been in serious need of a friend to spend time with, work, cleaning my apartment, work, evading the bank's shock troops they send out when I park my car in their nicely plowed lot, and other mishaps.

This is all a shame, because I had a nice list of posts that may never be written now. Instead, my faithful readers will be treated to a Bulleted List of Unwritten Posts:

1. A post about my apparently unpopular opinion of Disturbed's live sets. This post would've included a Venn Diagram and me admitting humiliating things, starting with the fact that I've seen Disturbed not once, but twice in concert.

2. A post about my unpopular opinion of the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. I think he sucked and set a number of bad precedents.

3. A post about my unpopular opinion on unpopular opinions. I think they're usually unpopular for the simple reason that they're wrong. Except for my unpopular opinions, of course.

4. A post about how asthma has made me a better basketball player. This post probably wouldn't have been very good, but I still find it interesting, and this is my blog, not yours, you ingrates.

5. A post apologizing for that post.

Instead, I'm just going to write one post for today in addition to this bulleted list, and it probably won't be very good. Bulleted lists are penance for sporadic bloggers.

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