Sunday, February 25, 2007

Six Weird Things

I got pseudo-tagged for this via a comment from BerryBird, so I'll go ahead and oblige.

1. I do not own a mobile phone. I also have no desire to ever own a mobile phone. From an outsider's perspective, they appear to be highly annoying contraptions. If there is someone you do not want to talk to, they can still call you anytime they want, and you have to make an effort to ignore them. Then people say that I could turn it off, except that I feel that turning the phone off would be wasting money. Then they tell me it'd be handy in emergencies, but I feel that there are plenty of things that would be handy in emergencies that I do not feel the need to buy, such as a complete first aid and trauma kit complete with defribrillators. I find back-up plans to be much more cost effective.

2. I wear socks at all times. The only times I remove my socks are when I take a shower and when I change my socks. That's it. And in the shower, I wear flip flops. My bare feet do not touch the ground. Ever.

3. I might be affected by medication and drugs more drastically than anyone I know. The first time I took an Advil, my entire face went numb. The first time I took NyQuil, I slept for 19 solid hours. Antibiotics always seem to cause really bizarre, freaky dreams. As a kid, I always got really carsick anytime we went somewhere, and Dramamine would knock me out for the entire day. For awhile, I thought non-drowsy Dramamine II was the best thing anyone ever made. My new inhaler for my asthma gives me a headrush that leaves a pounding headache. The result of all this is that I do no drugs outside of caffeine unless I absolutely have to. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no pot, and very very little medication, simply because I hate the drastic effects they have on me.

4. My best friend who has known me since high school just called, and I asked him what the weirdest thing about me is, and he said that I 'glide' rather than walk. I asked for specifics, and he just said it was sort of like a Kramer thing when I enter a room. I can also say that during my sophomore year of college, while I was home on Christmas break, I was walking around the Promenade in Richmond and a friend I hadn't seen since high school recognized me from a couple blocks away from behind despite the fact that I was bundled up from head to toe, simply by my walk, so I guess I have a Walk. And you can tell by the way I use my Walk that I'm a woman's man, no time to talk.

5. I regularly have days where I forget to eat. I'll start feeling weak, my head will start hurting, and it will only be after I consider going to bed that I remember that I'm probably starving to death.

6. I have no accomplishments that I'm particularly proud of.

As for tagging people, I frequently point out that my blog only has five readers (Casey, Lis, Susie, Audra, BerryBird). Audra doesn't have a blog, so Casey, Lis, and Susie, consider yourselves tagged. And Audra, I expect an email from you.


Audra said...

Why am I the only one in the world without a blog? And I'd rather a phone call then an e-mail ;)

BerryBird said...

You came up with six weird things with a quickness... I knew you'd be good for this! I think we have #1 and #6 in common. I hate all things phone, don't even get me started on cell phones. But numbers 2-5? You are one weird dude. Awesome job on the meme! Thanks for playing along.