Saturday, February 17, 2007

One More

Today is my friend Audra's birthday. During my early college years, I talked to new people on AIM all the time. My plan was to make new friends all over the country so I'd never have to stay in a hotel when I traveled. Pretty smart, until I realized that not only did I never travel and that it'd be a huge inconvenience for everyone, but people online are typically as dull as people in real life.

Audra is the only person I met online from that era I still talk to regularly. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, and she's also the reason I'm single. You see, she happens to be smart, funny, dorky in my kind of way, and very attractive, and has thus caused me to not date anyone unless they can rise to the Audra Standard.

So, a big Happy Birthday to my longtime friend/surrogate significant other Audra.


Audra said...

Andy... I am not a dork... okay, maybe I am and I'm all right with that.

Thank you, for everything and being the only person to remember I am older today. You are the only one to notice exactly on time.

I adore you!

Andy said...

Did you notice how I left out the fact that you forgot my birthday entirely 2 months ago? I thought that was pretty classy of me.

Audra said...

I know I'm a terrible terrible person and can not believe I forgot your birthday! Especially since it is the same day as my mother's! And I feel bad you have brought it up. I am having a house party as you well know but am totally available to talk to you as always... call me :D

BerryBird said...

Happy Birthday to Audra!