Saturday, July 7, 2007

Because I don't feel like typing, writing, or thinking

I feel like ranking the Traveling Wilburys.

1. Tom Petty
2. Roy Orbison
3. Jeff Lynne
4. Bob Dylan
5. George Harrison

That's how I'd rank them. Any disagreements?


fred said...

I would rank as follows:

1. Jeff Lynne
2. George Harrison
3. Tom Petty
4. Roy Orbison
5. Bob Dylan

KathyR said...

I hate Jeff Lynne.

OK, he's not worth working up a big old hatred over.

I really don't like Jeff Lynne.

1. Petty
2. Dylan
3. Harrison
4. Orbison
5. Lynne

Or maybe scramble the first three around. I dunno.

Worst show I ever saw: ELO at Anaheim Stadium back in the dark ages. Ghastly.

Sorry about your friend.

Andy said...

Man, we've got the whole spectrum of Jeff Lynne appreciation already.