Saturday, July 14, 2007

When Jon Arbuckle Completely Loses His Mind

...he will resemble me. This is a post about human/feline interaction, since I'm grateful that I still have the bugger.

JJ loves catnip, and it now occurs to me that JJ is rather intelligent, as far as cats go. He just came into the room where I was busy wasting time and let out a loud meow saying, "Hey, you. Pay attention to me or I'll scratch up your chair. Oh? You're just going to say 'Hi JJ' and not come pet me? Well, don't think I won't make good on my threat." ::scratch scratch scratch:: "Got your attention now, don't I?"

As I felt rather bad for not spending ample time with my beloved pet, I took some time out of my busy time-wasting schedule and petted him, cuddled with him, and generally showed him some affection. Then I applied some catnip to his scratch mat, and he was grateful.

Five minutes later, JJ comes in and meows at me again, and then starts pawing the ajar closet door where I got the catnip from. I shut the door completely and told him to get a job if he wants to support his catnip addiction. No freeloaders in my apartment.

Oh, and I don't really keep catnip in the closet. Usually it's in the pantry, next to the cat food. It was moved in case the repairman had to get at some pipes through the pantry, which is just two tiles away from the busted tile. I didn't feel like making up some excuse about drinking catnip tea or smoking catnip cigarettes in case he found it, although I've heard stories of people doing such things. And I don't really blame them. Catnip smells delightful.

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BerryBird said...

Catnip does smell delightful, especially the fresh stuff. I'm glad you were able to keep JJ concealed.