Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My kitchen ceiling is leaking. The ceiling tile is soaking wet and dripping onto the floor. It seriously looks as if it could break any minute.

I have an illegal cat in my apartment that my landlord will be excessively pissed about if he finds. I also have no plumbing skills to speak of to try and fix the problem myself. I don't even know what the problem could be.

This would result in some hilarious hijinx if my life were a sitcom.

Luckily for me, the bank is closed and I don't have the landlord's number handy. That will give me plenty of time to hide my daysleeping cat in my room tonight after I see Harry Potter.

Of course, it'll only be lucky for me if the tile doesn't collapse and flood my apartment between now and tomorrow morning.

Wait, what about cat hair? It's everywhere. They'll see it. Hiding an illegal cat was much more fun when it was easy. Ideas?


Susie said...

Just say Robin Williams came by for a visit. :)

Nadine said...

I got away without informing my apartment complex of the newly acquired dog for months. Which is odd, since I walked him outside, ya know? Then I had to cough up the extra dough.

I feel certain if they don't see or hear the cat, they won't notice. Or cat toys or litter boxes...

BerryBird said...

We had a ceiling leak in our last apartment, where the tile bulged down with the pooled up water. It eventually did burst, soaking everything in the bedroom. After a week of calling the landlord every day to get it fixed, we called the health department. That took care of things.

Is there someone who could borrow JJ for a few days?