Sunday, August 19, 2007

DVD Reviews

1. The Tick vs. Season Two: Is awesome. Most of the episodes on here I remembered, with "Evil Sits Down For A Moment" being a personal favorite. All of them are funnier than I remembered, which is pretty impressive considering I bought it as soon as I saw it because I remembered it being one of the funniest things ever.

2. The Tick: The Entire Series: I was extremely hesitant about watching the live action series. The cartoon was one of my favorite pieces of pop culture of all time, so I was very concerned about my love for The Tick being diminished by a less funny series. Plus, Die Fledermaus and American Maid were the subject of copyright disputes and changed to BatManuel and Captain Liberty respectively, making me all the more wary. My unease was misplaced. The live action series is at least as hilarious as the cartoon was. Watching the complete series resulted in me being angry about its premature and completely incomprehensible cancellation after only being on the air for a month. The Drew Carey Show got terrible reviews in its first year, and the ratings sagged so much they had Tim Allen guest-starring to boost them. But, thanks to the patience and commitment of the execs, the show caught on and now Drew Carey is poised to take over the entire game show world. Meanwhile, FOX, instead of delivering us The Tick, Season 6, is now heavily invested in selling us American Dad, which appears to be a more offensive version of Family Guy without the occasional attempts at humor, even though Family Guy is on right before it. Or it was last time I checked, which was awhile ago, since it failed to entertain me and I don't have television.

So, in summary, The Tick vs. Season 2 = Really good.
The Tick: The Complete Series = Really good, but will leave you shaking your fists at the sky screaming "Why, God? Why?"

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liz said...'re monitoring the culture?

We always find reasons to say:
"Now you're doing it on purpose. How juvenile." and
"How many blocks is that?!?"