Monday, August 27, 2007

Remember when I used to have a blog?

Well, now I have something that I've heard of, but never experienced firsthand. It's called a "social life." Apparently, it involves having people known as "friends" who invite you over to "hang out."

And it's the bane of bloggers everywhere. I hang out with people all night, then come home and sleep all morning, then get up in the afternoon and work. I used to be a bloging wunderkind, but these friends have turned me into just another person with better things to do than write dumb crap on the internets. Like talking about dumb crap with my friends.

So, posts might be a bit more sporadic in the near future. Until this new-fangled friendship thing loses some of its luster.


BerryBird said...

Blogging wunderkind. Heehee. Did you mention that to the new friends?

Anonymous said...

You haven't calld in a while. What's up?


Lindzy said...

What happened to the shirts? My coworker and I really miss the daily commentary. You really need to start blogging again. We are getting really bored over here.

Casey said...

I know you're not doing anything productive. Let's see some t-shirts!