Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Today's Shirt

Description: Victory Field Triple-A All-Star Game signed by Bob Hackett.

Origin: Because I was an "at-risk" student, I had to report to college a few weeks early for a special program called ALPS. We spent the time getting to know the campus earlier than the others, and then did some pretty cool charity projects in Indianapolis. One night, we went to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game, and, using my friend Bob's personal information, I applied for a credit card and received this T-Shirt free. This would not be the last time I performed such a feat. Bob, for some reason, had a sharpie on him, and wanted to autograph my free t-shirt, unaware that it was actually his free t-shirt. His autograph has mostly faded, but it's still visible over the right shoulder.

Decision: Probable discard. This is a good shirt, actually. Very comfortable, and signed by my friend Bob. People ask me all the time who signed my shirt when I wear it, and they look really disappointed when I tell them my friend Bob, even though they probably couldn't name any minor league baseball players anyway. But I think it can be spared.


BerryBird said...

But you were valedictorian! How strange that you would have been considered "at risk."

Andy said...

I was financially at risk, even though my first year was paid for entirely, because I was a member of 21st Century Scholars, a program that gave financial aid to low-income families.

Although some of my fellow at risk students had equally silly reasons. One had an SAT score that was too high compared to his GPA (they were worried that he'd just slack off and flunk out), and another had a GPA that was too high compared to his SAT (they worried he got by by outworking others and that he wouldn't be able to keep up in college).