Friday, August 10, 2007

Today's Shirt + Rare JJ Cameo

Description: "It's all good. Donate Blood."

Origin: It turns out you get one of these after you donate blood.

Decision: Keep. I have about a zillion of these things, but most of them have suffered some unfortunate stain. This one appears to be still good, and since I have so many bizarre and inexplicable t-shirts, I figure I am honor bound to keep the one that has a positive social message. Plus, I can put some fake blood all over it, get some fake fangs, and presto! Instant vampire costume for Halloween.

I tried to include a picture of the elusive Mr. JJ Flash, but just as I went to capture the image, he decided it was time to sneak up and pounce on his mortal enemy, namely everything on my computer desk. Next time, maybe.

1 comment:

Nadine said...

He looks like he might fall into the category I call "cow kitty" for the obvious resemblance to black & white cows.

I have one I named Vermont because of the numerous black & white cows that state possesses.