Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Finally, a schedule that works for me.

On days when I work, I'm always physically and emotionally exhausted when I get home, and therefore never want to do any work.

On days off, I relish the rare occurence of free time during the hours that everyone else on the planet is awake, and therefore never want to do any work.

There is far too much work in my apartment for one person to accomplish.

My apartment is far too embarrassing for anyone else to see.

HOWEVER, tonight, I plan to change things. And by "plan to change things," I mean, "Write a blog entry and promptly forget about it."

A schedule! They do wonders for the mentally retarded residents at work. Surely they could work for the barely functional staff that attend to them as well.

Here's my schedule:

Today, 2 am - 3 am: Dump all of my dirty laundry into a big pile in the middle of the room, sort the laundry, start a load of laundry.
Tomorrow, same bat time: Do another load of laundry, clean the bathroom.
Thursday: Day off. Probably won't do anything.
Friday: Do another load of laundry, take massive amounts of pop cans to the recycling drop off place.
Saturday: Do another load of laundry, see about getting some dishes done in the useless sink.
Sunday: Donate several loads of laundry to Goodwill, begin cleaning out my closet by finding even more laundry and lots of textbooks I should've sold when I was still in college.
Monday: Bemoan the fact that I haven't actually done anything, write on my blog, try to ignore the massive pile of dirty laundry in my living room.

It should be a good time.

Phew. Writing a blog post is hard work. I can put this off until tomorrow, at least.


KathyR said...

Sounds like a good plan.

I'm not getting much done, either. I'm so grateful for any time I get to myself this summer that I refuse to spend it cleaning something.

Hence a somewhat grungy house.

Fortunately, my housemates are a 14-year-old boy and a 57-year-old man. They think the house is clean.

Nadine said...

Ah yes, I experienced a moment of horror when I realized that my contractors might actually need to use my bathroom. One of the perks of living alone is being able to clean at your own pace (or not at all).

The horror was not so over-whelming as to actually prompt any real live cleaning.

Lots o'luck!